With our compliments

The refined Executive Lounge is the heart of the hotel. This is where guests are first welcomed, where they are encouraged to relax and unwind, or perhaps peruse the pantry generously stocked with mouth-watering, homemade sweet and savoury treats throughout the day.

In the evenings, a complimentary selection of canapés is served.

Arrival & departure

From the moment you walk through the door, you will feel like royalty. As you take a seat to check-in, we will roll over our Champagne trolley for you to enjoy a complimentary glass of white wine or rosé. And when you reach your room, a delicate treat of our Hotel 41 macaroons will be awaiting your arrival.


Graze all day

We provide a wide selection of complimentary snacks throughout the day and evening here at Hotel 41, including crisps, popcorn, and a tempting choice of dried fruit, nuts, sweets, chocolates, and toffees. As you head off for the day, we even provide little snack bags upon request to ward off the hunger pangs.

After midday, indulge in...

Enjoy complimentary canapés
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Evening canapés

Between 5pm and 7pm every evening we invite you to join us in the Executive Lounge to enjoy our signature canapés. You will be served three of these delicious appetisers alongside our delightful Croque Monsieurs.