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With the array of museums and galleries on our doorstep, it is no surprise that Victoria has connections to some of the world’s greatest thinkers, poets, and artists. As you traverse the beautiful, historic streets keep your eyes peeled for the little blue plaques that identify the notable people that made this area their home. Here are our top picks of ones to look out for.

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) – The novelist who wrote the Gothic classic, Frankenstein. She also edited the works of her husband, Romantic poet Percy Shelley. You can find Mary Shelley's plaque at 24 Chester Square.

Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) – A poet and cultural critic who also worked as a school inspector, his lyric “Dover Beach” is now looked on as a key exemplar of Victorian poetry. You can find Matthew Arnold's plaque at 2 Chester Square.

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) – A Polish-British writer who, writing around the period that marked the peak of the British Empire, used his novels to examine imperialism, colonialism, and the human psyche more broadly. You can find Joseph Conrad's plaque at 17 Gillingham Street.

Ian Fleming (1908-1964) – The creator of the iconic James Bond spy novels is perhaps less known for having also written Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. You can find Ian Fleming's plaque at 22 Ebury Street.

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